BB Ki Vines success story (Bhuvan Bam)

BB ki Vines success story ( Bhuvan bam)

BB Ki Vines success story (Bhuvan Bam)

If you are one of that Indian who loves to watch funny videos on YouTube then there is no chance that you don't know Bhuvan bam also know as BB Ki Vines. In recent times BB Ki Vines has been YouTube sensation in current time BB ki Vines has over 13 million subscribers and millions of views on his channel. Today we will talk about BB ki Vines journey aka Bhuvan bam from zero subscribers to 13 million subscribers how he has become one of the famous you tuber and most loved you tuber.

Things you should know about Bhuvan bam 

Bhuvan bam was born on 21 January 1994 he did his schooling in Greenfields school new Delhi and completed his bachelor's degree at Shaheed Bhagat sing college.

BB Ki Vines success story (Bhuvan Bam)

Bhuvan bam is not only you tuber how makes anyone see his video laugh but also a songwriter, Singer, musician and stage performer. Before staring YouTube channel Bhuvan bam used to sing songs in the bar.

Starting BB Ki Vines YouTube channel 

The first video uploaded by Bhuvan bam on BB Ki Vines was Chakhna Issue which didn't get much views it only got around 14 views he was happy that at least he got 14 views and he kept on doing videos without thinking of the views and slowly views on his videos increased and people started liking his videos When Bhuvan bam was asked about his success journey he said before staring BB Ki vines he had no idea what to do in his life he was confused one quality that was there in him from his childhood was he used to make people laugh and that very hard thing to do. when Bhuvan bam found out that he loves to make people laugh when he found out his talent he started BB Ki vines and later on success and money followed him. Find out what you love to do and everything you want comes to you.

BB Ki Vines success story (Bhuvan Bam)

Before starting BB ki vines Bhuvan bam used to earn money from his songs and live music performance.

Bhuvan bam fan following 

Bhuvan bam currently has 13 million subscribers on YouTube, 4 million fans on Facebook 2 million on Instagram. The most viewed video of Bhuvan bam is Papa Maakichu with 10 million views

He has fans all across India he also gained fans in Pakistan and Bangladesh through his videos.


He has become first Indian you tuber to cross 10 million subscribers he also won most popular channel award at Web TV Asian awards.

BB Ki Vines success story (Bhuvan Bam)


Many people criticized his videos because they contain adult content and abusive language Bhuvan bam said that some words and adult content should be added in videos in order to make people laugh he further added most people like my videos because they can relate to their lives and that the way most people talk.

Lesson to be learned from Bhuvan Bam success 

He found his passion in early age that's the reason for his massive success and popularity he had a talent very few have to make people laugh making people laugh is hard thing to do even he didn't views on his first few videos he didn't stop his work the kept on uploading videos without caring about the views so find your passion find out what you are good at and keep working towards it, in the beginning, you won't see any results but if you keep working, slowly your life changes and success follows you. Find what you are good at and keep working towards it don't lose faith.

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